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Expert Planning for Your Next Relocation

A moving checklist is an essential tool when preparing for any local or long distance move.

Planning a move is a daunting task—regardless of the size or scope of your relocation. At Kings Moving & Storage, we want to help you minimize the stress of the preparing for a move, and this starts with creating a moving checklist. By breaking down the tasks into manageable parts, your moving and packing checklist can help keep you organized throughout the process of getting to your new location.

Creating a Moving Checklist for Your Next Relocation

As the most trusted name for a Kansas City local and long distance moving company, the team at Kings Moving is dedicated to making your relocation a seamless, stress-free process. From start to finish, an organized moving checklist can give you the direction you need to accomplish the monumental task of moving and help you choose the moving services that are best suited for the unique needs of your relocation.

Whether you need a moving checklist for out of state relocation or a local move, begin by considering the following important tasks:

  • Secure a Qualified Moving Provider
    The first thing you need to do when planning a move is to interview and hire a professional full service moving company in Kansas City. Moving dates can fill up fast, so booking early ensures that you secure your ideal date and minimize the costs of a last-minute relocation.
  • List the Logistics of Your Move
    Moving involves much more than just packing and transporting your items—you also need to ensure that your medical records, insurance, and utilities are all set up at your new location. Use your moving checklist to write down a list of every provider and company you need to contact before the big day.
  • Start a Packing Checklist
    Packing up your home is a major task, and full service moving companies may be able to help you get a head start. Contact your moving provider to learn what services they offer, and start stocking up on high-quality packing supplies to protect your household items. Check out our packing tips for more help!
  • Make Plans for Children, Plants, and Pets
    Moving day can be extremely stressful for both children and pets, so it is important to finalize plans for their care well before your move. Additionally, some moving providers have policies against transporting house plants, so check with your moving company to learn about how this is handled.

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