After the recent tornado wrecked the town of Joplin, MO, many people felt compelled to help and try to aid in the relief/clean up.   The Kansas City Star newspaper reported that everyone from church groups, sport teams and Scout troops to local businesspeople pitched in to aid in the relief program.  In fact, so many people participated in relief efforts that Joplin was overwhelmed with donations - one recent report stated that the American Red Cross had t o displace tornado victims from a shelter in order to find room for all the donations. Charities on the scene are asking for help coordinating relief efforts and that people refrain from "self-deploying", with the president and CEO of Harvesters Community Food Network asking that donors "...give money, both to Harvesters as well as other organizations that in an organized and coordinated way are helping with the disaster response." Feeding American, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization has sent 25 truckloads of food, with six more ready for then Joplin is ready to receive them.  It can be assumed that many trucking and moving companies in the Kansas City area, such as King's Moving & Storage have been recruited to help aid the clean up and the transportation of donations.