Americans are a whole have become more food cognizant.  With the advent of Food Network and Cooking Channel more Americans are growing up with televised food programming and making spending the big bucks to have state of the art equipment in their kitchens.

With this greater awareness of food Americans are starting to sniff out the imposters.  This is where the Missouri movers want Kansas City to reclaim the KC in Kansas City barbeque.  Too many times you visit across America and restaurants claim to have “authentic” Philly Cheesesteaks, Buffalo wings, Maine lobsters, and Texas barbeque.  When people are loosely naming their food with regional names it does a discredit to the real deal.  The real essence of regional food is experiencing the freshness and atmosphere of the real regional cuisine.  If you’re with the Kansas City movers don’t be afraid to slap a pulled pork sandwich away from your friend’s mouth the next time you visit a Subway.

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