A one hour drive is all that separates Kansas City from Topeka, Kan. However, each city is known for certain hangouts, events, food and of course sports. The Kansas City movers and the Topeka movers know each city very well, and have compiled a list of three differences between the two cities. If you plan on making a move from one city to the other, you might want to know what makes each of these cities in Kansas unique.

1)      Sports Teams

Kansas City has three professional teams, including the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), Kansas City Royals (MLB) and Sporting Kansas City (MLS). Meanwhile, Topeka has the Kansas Koyotes (American Professional Football League) as far as professional sports go.

2)      Fresh Food

For meat lovers, Krizman's House of Sausage is the place to purchase Croatian ethnic sausages and knockwurst. Topeka has a place for vegetarians, Rees Fruit Farm.

3)      Festivals

American Royal is now in its 113th year, and is a famous fall festival in Kansas City. It hosts the world's largest barbeque contest and has professional rodeo competitions. Another famous fall festival is the Huff 'n Puff Hot-Air Balloon Rally in Topeka.

We hope you will be excited about a different take on things in your new city. The movers in Kansas City can assist in transporting your belongings to Topeka. If you have just landed a job in Kansas City and would like to move closer to the city, the movers in Topeka, Kansas can provide you assistance during your residential move.