Hey folks. It’s been a long summer – just as the Kansas City movers at Kings about it. We’ve spent the last couple of months moving hundreds of families and businesses all over the country. We’ve followed through on all of our commitments, making sure to deliver on-time and on-budget transitions with friendly, courteous service. At Kings Moving, the name of the game is stress-free – that’s our guarantee.

As the end of the summer rolls around, more and more people are anxious to get out and make something of the nice weather. So here are our suggestions when it comes to things to do after moving to Kansas City:

Kauffman Stadium:

Come have the American Ball Park experience at one of the finest facilities in the state. Although it’s older, Kauffman Stadium has been completely redone for a more modern and comfortable feel. It’s a great place for the whole family to enjoy on a warm, sunny August day – will you be here?

KC Fountains:

What’s better than a nice, cool, wet retreat on a hot day? Nothing, right? Right. So come on down to the KC Fountains and enjoy the show and the water and the fun. Here’s to not overheating!

Loose Park:

As a premier Kansas City moving company, we help dozens of people every day – and afterwards, we’re happy to take a seat and relax. That’s why a lot of our movers go to Loose Park after work. It’s a quite, relaxing, tranquil getaway that anyone can take a stroll through and enjoy, especially as the summer winds down people are eager to get out and get some fresh air.

For more Kansas City tips – moving or otherwise – don’t hesitate to call the pros at Kings. We’re happy to help you make the right choice when it comes to your time before, during and after your transition!