summer moving tips

Summer is repeatedly the season when most people move – and these last few days before Labor Day prove no exception. At Kings Moving & Storage, we seek to provide quality summer moves that are both budget friendly and simplified.

Whatever the reason for your relocation, summer moves are often seen as both easier and less stressful because the weather is nice and there is less chance of rain.

However, there can be challenges to moving during summer that people don’t often realize. As with any move, it’s essential to create a plan and follow these tips for stress-free residential moving in Kansas City, Junction City or Wichita.

Plan Ahead and Follow the Weather

While summer can be nice, weather can often change quickly and unexpectedly. When planning a summer move, make sure to pay attention to the weather both before and during moving day. Kansas City summers can often be both humid and hot. By planning ahead, you can make sure that all items are protected and kept in their original condition no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.

Drink Plenty of Cold Water

When moving day arrives, it’s important to ensure that everyone stays hydrated. This includes both moving crew and your family. One of the most essential summer moving tips from our Junction City movers is to continually stay hydrated. This may seem common knowledge, but it’s easy to forget as you’re in the heat of the moment during moving day. Be sure to keep cold beverages, ideally water, handy to prevent heat stroke and ensure that everyone remains healthy and focused throughout the day.

Some Items = Not Moving Truck-Friendly

Candles, leather furniture, electronics, and other items should not be left in a hot moving truck. Heat and extended periods of time can result in warping or melting certain items, especially in climates and areas where temperatures can soar throughout mid-day. In the hot weather, be sure to plan ahead when packing to prevent loading the moving truck with certain items that could warp or melt from the summer heat. Our Wichita movers may be able to spot some items that shouldn’t be in the truck, but perhaps not small items and household goods packed away in moving boxes.

Moving during the summer with the above tips in place can result in a better move for everyone involved. To begin planning your summer move today, contact Kings Moving & Storage to submit a free quote.