When you own a business, it’s likely that you’ll have to relocate at some point. However, this process can cause a significant disruption to your daily operations. It can even cost you a lot of time and money that could be better spent in other areas. To minimize your company’s downtime and make the process goes as smoothly as possible, you should keep these tips in mind!

Move Mid-Week

If you want to get any help out of your employees without leaving them disgruntles, you should always try to move during the work week. Weekends are your employees time to spend with their families, so it can be a huge hit to morale if you force them to come in on a Saturday. Not to mention, they might struggle to find childcare to accommodate your relocation.

Plan for a Mid-Month Relocation

Most businesses are busiest during the beginning and end of the month, so you can ease the burden on your staff by relocating in the middle of the month. Best of all, your moving service providers usually have more availability throughout the middle of the month, so you have more flexibility and lower rates.

Avoid Working Outside of Business Hours

Some buildings restrict moving activity during business hours to reduce disruptions to the other businesses, but for the lucky ones, we always encourage our clients to move during office hours. This way you can avoid extra costs, overtime pay, and other challenges that come with finding a company that offers after-hours commercial moving services.

Aim for Off-Season Moving

We always recommend that businesses move between October and April because corporate relocation companies have more availability during that time. They also offer more affordable prices, but you should keep in mind that winter weather could delay your relocation. For that reason, we encourage you to aim for spring and fall rather than moving during the winter months of our off-season.

Avoid Summer Moves

Most homeowners want to move during the summer months to avoid a disruption in their kid’s schooling. This means most moving and storage companies are hard to book and charge higher rates. As a business, you are better off avoiding these problems to save yourself time and money. Your employees will thank you for not taking over their summer as well!

If you need more help with scheduling a corporate relocation during the right time for you and your employees, we recommend that you contact King’s Moving and Storage today! You can call us to request an in-office consultation with an experienced move coordinator, or you can request a free quote by submitting our online form.