Are you and your family preparing for a big move? Consider spending some time researching ways to prevent your relocation from being more stressful than necessary. Kings Moving & Storage is a Kansas City long-distance moving company that holds BBB accreditation, and in this blog post, we cover some of the top ways to reduce move-related stress.

A long-distance move encompasses plenty of changes. You’ll have your hands full working out the logistics of your family’s move, so why not let an experienced long-distance moving company handle the tedious work for you? Just make sure you hire reliable, trusted contractors with excellent reviews. You can also check to see if they hold any awards or professional accreditations to support their reputation.

One of the most helpful things movers can do is pack your belongings. No matter the size of your home, chances are, you’ve got more items than you thought! Leave the packing to the professionals and free up your time for tasks like registering your children for school, preparing for your new job, etc. Your items will  be expertly packed by the people who do packing for a living!

Do you have children? It’s no secret that kids pick up on our own stress levels. If you have children and are ready to relocate to a new home, be sure to prepare them for the change. Sesame Street offers some practical tips for helping young ones adjust to such a big transition. Keep lines of communication clear. Provide your kids with a safe, supportive space to voice their concerns and fears. Help them develop a strategy to deal with the stress and alleviate their worries, and they'll have an easier time adjusting.

Our beloved pets are not immune to moving stress, either. New scents, new faces, and new terrain can all throw our pets for a loop. ASPCA provides plenty of tips for helping your furry friends thrive in their new home. This trusted organization's best advice includes keeping your animals to one room as you pack up your belongings, as this step helps reduce the amount of chaos they experience on moving day. ASPCA also recommends slowly introducing your pets to their new home one room at a time, helping them feel less overwhelmed.

Don't forget about your green belongings! Do you have a plant you simply can’t give away? Be prepared to take a few precautions to ensure your plant makes it safe and sound to your new location. offers helpful hints for transitioning your plants out of state. Water the plants well before packing them into your car. If you have a plant that’s especially sensitive to sunlight, be sure to keep it in a shadier spot of your vehicle. Additionally, keep your plants out of extreme temperatures, including overly hot or cool conditions.

At Kings Moving & Storage, we’re the Kansas City long-distance movers that customers trust to relocate their belongings. We’re an agent of northAmerican Moving services and can help with a long list of moving services to help your transition go stress-free.

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