Packing boxes is one thing. But many homeowners stress over how to safely move their larger, fragile items like flat-screen TVs, sculptures, statues, artwork, and large mirrors. In many cases, these larger items are valuable or hold a significant emotional attachment. Replacing them could be challenging, or nearly impossible in some cases. We’ve rounded some great tips from Kansas City long-distance movers to help you protect these larger items during your next move.

How to Pack and Move Large Screen TVs

If you’ll be among the 3 million Americans making an interstate move this year, listen up. There are a few things you need to know about transporting your modern flat-screen TVs. If you are still holding on to the original TV box with inserts, pull those out of the attic. That packaging was designed to ship your television from the manufacturer and it’s the best option for moving it around now.

If that box is no longer in good shape or you parted with it some time ago, you can purchase TV boxes from nearly any shipping company or home store. Just make sure to match the size of the box with the size of your TV. Here’s what to do:

  • Protect the Screen: Slide a foam sheet screen cover over the TV to protect the screen from scratches.
  • Add Padding: Starting from the top of the TV, wrap two or three layers of protective wrap around the entire TV. Use foam squares on the corners.
  • Place in Box: Slide the TV box over the packaged unit and tape well.

When you load the packaged TV for transport, keep the TV upright. These models are weight-balanced to sit in an upright position and may be damaged if you attempt to transport on their side. Keep in mind that there will be plenty of vibration during travel so the box should be secured between two sturdy pieces to prevent movement in transit.

How to Pack and Move Sculptures, Statues, and Other Artwork

The problem with moving artwork like sculptures, statues, and large format paintings is that they are large and often awkwardly shaped. For large, fragile artwork that is simply too large to fit into a box, our residential movers in Kansas and Missouri recommend moving blankets and custom crating. You can use layers of cushion wrap under moving blankets to wrap the sculpture from head to toe and secure with tape. Then, use plywood to build a custom crate perfectly sized to contain the artwork. Fill the voids with extra moving blankets and proceed.

How to Pack and Move Large Mirrors

Mirrors are like flat-screen TVs. You need to protect the glass with foam sheeting to protect from scratches. In some cases, you may even be able to fit your large mirror into a TV shipping box, which can make the packing process a lot easier. We recommend covering the glass with foam sheets and then wrapping the mirror with cushion wrap before placing inside a box. If you do not have a box large enough, the next step would be to wrap with moving blankets and secure with tape.

The Bottom Line on Moving Large, Fragile Items

Moving large, fragile items that don’t fit in traditional moving boxes can be a bit of a chore. In some cases, like flat-screen TVs, special moving boxes are available to fit these items. But in other cases, you are on your own to create a solution. With custom wood crating, moving blankets, and other packing materials, you can effectively protect all your belongings.

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