Have you ever noticed that moving has a season? Warmer weather and school calendars make moving between May and September much more convenient for the majority of American families. More than 75% of all moves occur during the peak season, leaving little competition and potentially big savings for anyone who can swing a move between October and April. Residential long distance movers in Kansas City often see their busiest months in May and June.

Potential Cost-Savings on Moving Services, Leases, and More

Everyone in the housing industry, from movers to real estate brokers and rental agencies recognizes the fluctuations between peak season moves and the off-season. Fewer homes are listed for sale, mortgage companies close fewer home sales, fewer units are rented, and moving services see a noticeable dip in demand for their services.

And when demand drops, prices usually follow suit to entice a smaller pool of shoppers in an inundated market. That means you could get a great deal on an apartment lease or have more leverage with the seller when buying a home. Many moving companies will offer better pricing and attractive promotional offers during the off-season too. So the potential to save big on your move. With current costs averaging $4,300 for long-distance moves and $2,300 for local moves, we could all use a good deal.

Flexible Scheduling

Moving often puts you at the mercy of availability. You have to wait to close on a home or for a rental to become available. You have to book movers in advance or hope for a last-minute opening. And you have to wait for the utility companies to pencil you into their schedules. And during busier times, that’s a lot of moving parts that usually ends up causing a headache. You might have to put your stuff in short-term storage. Or, you might have to pay rent at two places for a few months. There will always be some moving parts, but things tend to be a little easier to schedule during the off-season with less competition for dates.

Fewer Moves Means a Quicker Turnaround for Your Stuff

It probably goes without saying at this point, but if you are relying on logistics for a long-distance move it can sometimes take several days or weeks to receive your stuff. And the more congested the logistics companies are, the longer it tends to take. Therefore, off-season moves could speed things up. Just be mindful of holiday shipping which can clog up the truck lines. Find out if your moving company covers coast-to-coast logistics with dedicated moving trucks or if they rely on freight companies to do the long hauls and then provide last-mile delivery services. It will make a difference in your transit times. Our Kansas City long-distance movers also recommend that you pick your moving date strategically, avoiding the last week of any month.

Moving can be a costly endeavor. Between the cost of labor to pack and load your belongings to the costs of hauling a freight truck, it all adds up to thousands of dollars in expenses. When you factor in closing costs and utility deposits, it can feel like you’re hemorrhaging money. That’s why an off-season move can be a good cost-saving measure for anyone who can swing it. Kings Moving and Storage has more than two decades of experience in Kansas City, Wichita, and Junction City. Call our full-service movers for a custom moving quote today.