Did you know that there is a system for packing for a move with dozens of different boxes designed for different uses? The best way to go about the painstaking project of prepping for a move is to take your time and take advantage of all the special boxes that exist to make this easier. Keep reading and you will learn that when you use the right boxes then all your belongings will be much safer.

Standard Boxes

To keep things simple, moving boxes tend to come in standard sizes like small, medium, and large. Plan to put heavier, fragile items in smaller boxes when possible. Buy the most medium-sized boxes for general use. And keep your large boxes light. Here are a few ideas of what to put in each size.

Small Boxes

The smaller boxes are best used to pack all of your heavier reading materials like books and magazines, but also to carry your canned good items.

Medium Boxes

These are the universal can carry everything within reason boxes. Just do be careful to not overfill. The bottom can give out then you have an extra mess and possible broken items.

Large Boxes

These are best utilized with your bedding and towels. Blanket, comforters and sheets things of that nature. Lighter bulkier items will go in these.

Specialty Boxes

Every household seems to have a collection of electronics that need a little protection during a move. Specialty TV and electronics boxes are designed to accommodate unique proportions, protecting these items better than standard-sized boxes.

TV Boxes

This one is pretty self-explanatory, your tv goes in here. These boxes are designed to hold your large flat screen televisions, they have carrying handles that add extra security when transporting them.

Wardrobe Boxes

Everyone has that one elegant outfit that they bust out on special occasions, and this is the best option to keep it safe when moving. It has a longer design so you won’t have to worry about folding and wrinkling it, and it has a rod through the top so you can hang it.

Electronics Box

These are made with extra thick sides to protect things like video game systems, monitors, and PCs. The are also made to hold up to the extra weight that these items come with

Dish Boxes

These boxes have dividers in them to keep all of your glassware and dishes safe when transported.

Mirror/Picture Boxes

Perfect for protecting mirrors and wall art that you might be moving with. Like the tv boxes will most likely have handles for carrying.

Mattress Bag and Boxes

Mattresses and box springs might be the biggest pain to move, not only are they heavy but mattresses tend to try and fold when being moved. A plastic bad will help keep it from getting dirty but for a small added expense get the box. It has 100% coverage and again added handles to make carrying them easier. 

File Boxes

Everyone when moving just decides to leave their paperwork and files in their desk or filing cabinet, this is not really recommended. Not only will the paper add unnecessary weight when moving these large items, but you also run the risk of a drawer falling open during the move scattering your things. A file box will keep your paperwork and files safe, secure, and organized until you unpack.

Extra Tall Boxes

It is inevitable that you will have a few items that are just too tall for normal boxes, that’s where this option comes in handy. Things like tall floor lamps and fishing equipment will do just fine in these. 

What to do with Things that Just Don’t Fit in a Box

From artwork and collectibles to that large ornate sculpture, some things just don’t fit in a square box of any size. Take advantage of custom crating to ensure your oversized, fragile items are ready for your big move.

Custom Crating

If you have extremely large items that you need to be shipped, you need to coordinate this with a moving company. Things that you would like to keep safe that are impossibly large for a box like perhaps antique furniture or vehicles that you don’t want to add miles to drive. These are things that will go in a large wooden crate to be shipped to your new location.

Schedule Your Move Today and Start Packing the Right Way 

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