Your garage can be an easily overlooked area when preparing for your move. Often, the main focus is on the central part of your home, where you spend the most time. The garage, which is often used as extra storage can quickly collect the items you don’t have any idea what to do with. The lack of organization and sometimes options for disposal only compound the problem when you need to completely clear a property.

We’re going to take a look at some of the more common items that you will find in a typical garage and what you can do to get a good idea of where to start.

Common Unwanted Items in the Garage

Let’s start with an area that could lead to quite a bit of things to move. Decide what you actually want to take with you when you move and what you can do without. A lot of things in your garage you may not find worth the effort to pack up. If the items are in good working condition, consider donating them to a local charity that could benefit from your unused things. 

You can set out any larger metal items you may wish to part with by your trash or the front curb. Quite a few towns have that one person that will peruse their neighborhoods around garbage day for scrap metal they can take to a local spot to sell for profit. Or, if you are so inclined and have the capacity to, you can make this trip yourself.

Paint and Flammable Liquids

It is actually highly recommended that you shouldn’t travel with these types of materials for safety reasons. The best course of action would be to contact your local officials and find a location that can safely and responsibly discard these items for you.

Personal Vehicles

If you have a vehicle you don’t want to burden with the extra miles for a move, specifically longer interstate moves, you have a couple of options that will unburden your vehicle with an unnecessary trip. Most professional moving trailers have room to accommodate a car for transport. 

If you have a car that is above average than most vehicles, consider purchasing the extra protection with a reimbursement to cover any damages that might happen.


Your bike may fit on a trailer or moving truck easily, but a significant concern with motorcycles is that they tip over quite easily. When this happens, you could cause considerable damage to your bike and other possessions that might be traveling with it. Custom crating options are a wise direction to go with this issue. Contact your local professional moving company, Like Kings Moving and Storage, to set up your custom crating options.  

Lawncare and Landscaping Equipment

Most of these items are smaller in size and relatively sturdy, so no extra protection is required. Just find a spot on the moving truck and place them. If you find yourself not needing them anymore where you are moving, consider selling them before you move. Or, if you are feeling generous, you can ask if the new residents moving in would like them. 

Tools and Tool chests

If you use your garage as a workshop or find yourself a competent handyman, you probably have quite the collection of tools and accessories. With your tool chests, you can leave your tools in the drawers; just make sure you look and secure them from opening. If this happens, you can cause a bit of damage to your equipment or other personal belongings if they start flying around the moving truck. Things like your larger and more space-consuming power tools might benefit from a crating option like your motorcycle. Contact your local moving company to set this option up.

Grills and Griddles

There isn’t anything special that you need to do with these items. Just use your moving mats and properly strap them down to keep them from moving. Ensure the grates inside are secured or taken out to avoid any avoidable damages to your grill.  

Get Help with Your Move

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