While planning for an upcoming move, you carefully consider your high-value and delicate items. However, fabric is one item that often gets overlooked and can also be damaged during a move. Here are seven tips to protect your fabric during a residential move.

Totes for Valuables

If you have seasonal decorations, custom craftwork, or heirloom quilts, you'll want to protect them during your move. Using plastic totes to transport these items will provide sturdy protection, but the totes are an excellent way to store them when it's over too.

Keep Casual Clothing Casual

In the case of moving everyday wear items, you can leave most of them in the furniture drawers. Your residential mover can secure the drawers and ensure they don't open during transport. If you box some of it, pay attention to spreading heavy materials like denim or leather.

Tuck Away Evening Wear

Suits, cocktail dresses, and other forms of evening wear can get wrinkled or ruined during a move. Invest in a sturdy wardrobe box that stands tall. This package has a hanging bar to place your clothing over to reduce wrinkles.

Fold Curtains

If you're bringing along custom curtains, you've paid good money for, you'll want to minimize wrinkles or snags. Fold curtains over a hanger and place them inside a plastic wardrobe bag for safekeeping.

Protective Mattress Covers

Your mattress and box spring can jumble around on the back of a moving truck. In most cases, a simple plastic mattress cover will protect these bulky items. If you'd like a sturdier option, consider a mattress box.

Wrap Furniture

Sofas, accent chairs, and ottomans made of leather need extra precaution. Wrap this material in shrink wrap to prevent scrapes and dirt. Your professional moving company will use additional padding on the truck to protect them during transport.

Invest if You have Art or Antiques

If you have expensive canvas art or priceless fabric antiques, you don't want anything to happen during your relocation. It might be worth discussing with your professional movers to invest in custom crating as your safest option.

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