Moving can be a fun and exciting time in your Kansas or Missouri family's lives. For young children and teenagers, it's hard to know how the transition will affect them. In the best-case scenario, they enjoy the process and see the experience as an opportunity. Here are some essential tips to make the move seamless so your kids have an easier time adjusting:

  • Check-in Regularly
  • Stick to Routine
  • Shop for New Decor

Compassion Goes a Long Way

Children and teenagers can be incredibly emotional when it comes to change. During this confusing time, their emotions can be on a rollercoaster. It's important to check in with them and see how they're feeling about the whole situation.

If you're moving locally to Kansas or Missouri, they may be adjusting just fine. If you're moving long-distance, they may be experiencing some sadness or confusion that is either being shared or held in. Either way, your child will settle into their new home better if they have an open line of communication with you.

Schedules and Routines Matter

During a residential move, the last thing on your mind may be your family's daily routines. The experience of moving is already a very fluid time in a child's life and going off of a routine can make things harder to process. It's recommended to keep up with routines as much as possible when moving to keep some structure in your kids' lives. Some essential scheduling items to keep up with include:

  • Play Dates
  • Sports Practices
  • Family Outings

Let's Go Shopping

Material objects aren't a permanent fix, but they can help your child assume some control during the transition. Shopping together for new room decor is also a great bonding technique and offers up some time to see how they're feeling about the process. Consider visiting a thrift store for some savvy deals if you're on a budget.

Choose a Professional Household Mover

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