You might think that inventory management during a commercial move is only about preventing the loss of items. While that is part of it, inventory management plays a larger role in ensuring a successful move.

A quality commercial moving company will include this service in a local or long-distance move.

Inventory management includes:

Cataloging Items

The moving company will create a detailed list and description of all items to be included in the move. Some companies document the inventory list with photographs.

Applying a Tracking System

Moving companies have various methods of tracking each item. This allows them to know exactly where each item is at any point during the move. Some companies provide online access for customers to also monitor the status of the items in their move.

Conducting a Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is done for each item in the move. This includes noting which items require special care, such as custom crating.

Why Inventory Management Matters

One reason inventory management matters is that it ensures that the customer and moving company are on the same page about what items are being moved. Typically, the customer will be asked to examine and sign off on the list, so there will be no question about what items are—and are not—being moved.

The third step in inventory management listed above, risk assessment, allows for special consideration to be given to valuable or fragile items. Without thorough inventory management, it would be easy for these items to be overlooked and, therefore, not get the special handling they require to avoid damage in transit.

Finally, having an inventory management list will help should you need to file an insurance claim for any items that are lost or damaged during a commercial move.

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