The moving industry is always evolving to help provide more reliable and streamlined relocations. In 2024, there are numerous trends that are becoming more popular and will likely remain in the future.

As a professional moving company, we have deep knowledge of industry trends. This article will cover some of the main trends for moving in 2024.

Sustainable Moving Processes

Businesses in all sectors have become more conscious of the impacts they have on the environment. In the moving industry, more companies are opting for eco-friendly packing materials for their services.

In some cases, a moving company has transitioned to trucks that use alternative fuels and have a lower carbon footprint. If you want to make less of an impact on the environment, you can feel good about the future of movers. 

Digital Moving Solutions

While moving companies perform the same tasks as they have for centuries, the process has become more digitized. There is a rise in digital platforms that help to streamline the hiring, organization, and packing processes. 

Many moving companies that added digital online booking platforms and inventory management to their systems. The added convenience ensures that the movers maintain reliable services for customers.

Remote Moving Assistance 

Remote moving features have helped to improve the convenience and experience of hiring a moving company. Lowering the necessary in-person meetings helps to speed up the process from start to finish.

Some of the most common ways that a mover will incorporate remote moving assistance is through:

  • Virtual Consultations
  • Remote Estimates 
  • Video Surveys 

Downsizing Belongings

In order to minimize the costs of moving, more people are taking drastic steps to downsize their items. The decluttering helps to lower the workload and reduce the time necessary for the movers to unload their moving truck. 

If you haven't considered downsizing your items, you should take inventory of items you don't use in your home. You may be surprised at the number of items you can sell or donate from your items. 

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