This past weekend was a rough one for any Quarterback in the NFL. With 5 starting QB’s bowing out with concussions, the league is looking to make changes to the way they handle injuries and long term care. Many stars have been plagued by legal vicious hits this past weekend. Brady Quinn went down during the 3 quarter by a nasty blow.

Matt Cassel will start at Quarterback for the injured Quinn on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. The chiefs are looking at a tough one. The 4-5 Bengals will be looking to come take another one away from the 1-8 Chiefs. Kansas City Movers will be watching the game for a hopeful upset. This year has been a particularly rough one for us Chiefs fans. We normally have something rally around as a city, such as a good kick returner or a stud linebacker. This year seem to be a tried and true season for the Chief’s loyal fans.

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