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Moving is a huge undertaking. With all the planning, organizing and coordinating that go into a successful relocation, choosing to work with a professional team such as Kings Moving & Storage is the first step to a stress-free move. But what else can you do during your Kansas move in fall? Here, we’ve put together some addition tips and tricks to help make your relocation as smooth as possible. 

Prepare For the Weather

Fall is notorious for being unpredictable in Kansas. It could be freezing in the mornings and warm up to t-shirt weather by the afternoon and vice versa. Throw in a healthy dose of rain and storms and trying to plan for the weather ahead of time is nearly impossible. To try and be prepared for the unpredictable, take time to set aside weather-appropriate items during your residential move in Kansas, and keep them easily accessible. A separate box or boxes of sweaters, jackets, umbrellas, ponchos and the like is a great way to be covered, no matter what mood Mother Nature is in on your moving day. 

Do More Beforehand

With so much that has to be done on moving day and all the unpacking and settling in to be done after the moving trucks leave, making sure to take care of things ahead of time is of the utmost importance. You can relieve some stress on the big day by setting up all utilities, transferring license plates, registrations, etc., and forwarding all mail to your new place before you get there. If you’re planning an office move in Kansas, including professional assembly/set up of all equipment will help eliminate any unnecessary downtime. The less you have to do upon arrival, the better!

Finish Renovations & Repairs

What better time is there to do any repairs, painting, remodeling or large flooring/ceiling installations than when the house or office is completely empty? Take advantage of the clear area before any boxes are unpacked to make everything is move-in ready as soon as you arrive. 

Connect with Your Community

If you’re going to be new to the area you’re moving to, scope out some fall community activities that you can start participating in right away. Whether it’s pumpkin carving at the Park District, going to a corn maze or picking apples at a local orchard, getting involved in local events and attractions lets you quickly meet new people and feel more “at home” sooner, whether it’s with your family or your fellow employees. 

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