How to Pack Light for a Junction City Long Distance Move

So you're moving to, or from, Junction City and you're starting to think about packing; what do you bring? If you're a long distance mover, it can be expensive and tiresome to haul every item you've ever owned. So what would you leave behind if you could only bring with you as many items as you could fit in a small moving van? Kings Moving, your go-to Junction City nationwide mover, has some tips on how to pack lightly and de-clutter for your long distance move:

Take the Time to Organize

It's not easy to rid yourself of excess. Even if you don't have to limit yourself to the bare necessities, it's a good exercise in organization to let go of items you don't really need – your wallet and sanity will thank you later. There are tons of organizational and de-cluttering websites and resources all over the internet, but our personal favorite is the “toss whatever doesn't bring you joy” method.

Plan, Plan, Plan

We can't stress enough how important it is to plan your move. Moving is inherently a complicated thing that requires a lot of organization – from shutting off and turning on utilities to mail forwarding and scheduling movers – there's going to be a lot to keep track of. Take advantage of the Junction City long distance movers from Kings Moving, who can help you create a moving timeline and stick to it. This will free up more time for you to thoroughly go through your items and get rid of anything you don't need, too.

Get Acquainted with Your New City

If you're moving to Junction City, you'll find it's a great urban area with plenty of shops to furnish your new home, but even if you're moving away – take some time to research your new city and see what it has to offer. Is there a lot of shopping nearby? Or would it be worth your time and money to move what you already have?

Finally, don't forget to enjoy the trip! Contact Kings Moving to help you plan, pack, and move your home, and eliminate the added stress that comes from managing a move on your own.