Hiring a moving company for your next relocation can be a challenging task. You need to choose from several moving companies in your local area and hope there are no issues that pop up during the relocation. 

Fortunately, there is an easier way to hire the perfect moving company to handle your relocation services. By asking prospective moving companies several key questions, you can discover which one is right for you. 

Whether you need long-distance movers or local movers, this article will cover seven questions you should ask prospective moving companies. 

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business? 

When you work with a moving company that has extensive experience, there is a higher chance that the relocation will go much more smoothly. If a moving company says they have been in business for a short period, this could mean they potentially make mistakes more frequently. 

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About Your Facility? 

A moving company that has a dedicated headquarters shows signs of a stable business that you want on your side. Moving and storage providers should also have storage capabilities at their facility to handle whatever needs you have as a customer. If you think the facility is up to your standards, you can move on to other questions. 

What Are Some Of Your Accolades and Affiliations?

Accolades and affiliations are a good way to verify the professionalism of a moving company. Dependable moving companies should be a part of numerous industry trade groups and receive accolades for their consistent high-quality service. 

Can I See Feedback From Prior Customers? 

One of the best ways to understand what it's like to work with a moving company is by reading feedback from prior customers of the business. Any professional moving company will be willing to provide you with a few examples of what customers had to say about their services.

Can You Explain The Steps You Take to Protect My Property? 

Trustworthy moving companies take precautions to ensure that the items don't get damaged during the move. Some of the industry standards for protecting your property involve taking precautions to prevent damage to your carpet, doorways, and woodwork. 

Can You Explain the Claims Process in the Event my Items Get Damaged?

Unfortunately, no moving company can fully guarantee that your items will remain undamaged. However, a professional moving company will have a set process for customer claims. A moving company should also be able to explain Released Value Protection vs Full Value Protection. 

Can You Explain Your Pricing Policies? 

Every moving company should be able to define what goes into the calculation of the quote, along with the different packing and storage services. A moving provider should also explain whether the written pricing is binding or non-binding. 

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