Many people do not know the differences between a moving company and a moving broker when hiring a business for a relocation. These businesses have two drastically different roles, so it's important you learn what they do. 

As an experienced moving company, we know what makes us a better option than a moving broker. This article will cover the main benefits of using a moving company over a moving broker. 

Moving Services Provided

If you are searching for a provider to help you during your relocation, the best option is a moving company. A moving company provides all services you need, such as packing, transportation, and storage. Moving brokers only provide support in helping you find a moving company in your local area that can help you. A moving broker business can't provide relocation services themselves, so it's best to work with a licensed moving company. 

Moving Trucks and Equipment 

Since moving brokers don't provide relocation services, they don't have the equipment necessary for your move. You need to work with a moving company if you want a provider with moving trucks and warehouse space. Professional moving companies will have modern equipment that makes your relocation as seamless as possible. 

Licensing for Interstate Moves

If you are moving across state lines, you must work with a company that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration authorizes to transport household goods between states. You can confirm a moving company is licensed by searching A moving broker will not have this licensing and can't transport household goods. 

Item Damage Protection & Reimbursement

It's legally required for moving companies to reimburse customers if their items are damaged during the moving process. The damage reimbursement is calculated by weight, but you can purchase full replacement value coverage with your moving company. However, you won't have any damage reimbursement options if you work with a moving broker. 

Support Local Economy

It's good to give back to the community, and the only way is by choosing a local moving company. Local moving companies have physical real estate and employ residents as residential movers in your area. If you hire a moving broker, they likely don't have a physical location in your area and make transactions online or over the phone. 

Reputation Research

Choosing a moving provider can be challenging, but looking at online reviews makes the process easier. Moving brokers won't have reviews that are helpful, as they don't employ the movers for your relocation. While hiring a moving company, you can learn about past customer experiences by reading online reviews.

Some of the most reputable websites for reading reviews are:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Facebook
  • Google 

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